Achieve balance,release stress,re-energize yourself by acupuncture, moxa cautery and healing energy at your precise vital points.

we understand your various symptoms and restore your bodily balance by rectifying “Ki”, the stream of energy in your body, whch brings good health and a new lust for living. The Japanese acupuncture needles we use, different from the Chinese, are just as thin as a hair. No need to worry. as it will feel just like being bitten by a tiny mosquito.                                            

 Contact us if you are troubled with Nervous system  ●Locomotion   Digestive system Respiratory system Circulatory system  Allergies Gynecological

Feel free to consult us about other symptoms

Business Hours TEL(045)949-8917


Acupuncture, Moxa,Qigong,Healing Flower essence therapy

Monday – Saturday

9:30am19:00pm Any time
Sunday      13:00pm 19:00pm 11:00am13:00pm
Wednesday closed closed

Treatment Fee


Acupuncture,Moxa,Qigong,Healing Flower essence therapy
first visit only 1,000yen 1,000yen
 Fee 90min 5,500yen 60min 4,200yen
120min 6,800yen  with essence bottle (30ml)

* Reservation is required.